Design Services

Vector and Raster DesignFor those companies who desire dynamic visual content on print or web, but are currently comfortable for their larger web solutions, SRV Design's offers the following design services to enhance your business:

  • Logo Design: web and/or print quality original design that can be included on all materials for your business
  • Custom Textual Art: creating custom font and text solutions for placement in graphical contexts as a proven method for customer recognition
  • Contractual Design Assignments: with per-client specifications and custom pricing, SRV Design can create design elements for any occasion.  Please contact SRV Design directly to begin discussions.

Print Services

Print design services help to support your websites and corporate branding as well as promote new business. Companies striving for market saturation are best served by complete advertising packages including print materials to support their online presence. Our designers use all major publishing software as well as local printers to create your print materials. SRV Design offers an extensive range of print services including:

  • Logo Design: print-quality original design that can be included on all print materials for your business
  • Mascot Design: created to your specifications, this static mascot image can be your company's instant morale booster
  • Business Cards: created from your choice of template designs or to your specifications these cards advertise your contacts with vertical, double-sided, or foil options available
  • Letterhead Design: select from templates or complete custom designs (embossed and foil accent options available)
  • Brochures / Flyers: brochures including linen, glossy and matte paper options as well as flyers in postcard size and oversized (9x6) options with gloss options to maximize your advertising potential (ask about our mailing services and customer management systems to increase the effectiveness of your next ad campaign)
  • Menus: make your restaurant fare stand out with style with logo integration and optimized font design that are appetizing to your audience
  • Professional Copy Editing:  beyond simple spell-check, this service allows your company's professionalism shine with grammar, context, and thematic proofreading and copy editing.

Web Services

Web DesignSince the internet is such an integral part of daily life in the business sector, our web service helps give you the competitive edge in today’s aggressive market. SRV Design's innovative web services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Logo Design: web-quality original design that can be included on all web materials for your business
  • Web Design & Hosting: designed to your specifications using per-page setup or larger page styles including e-Commerce and forum capabilities
  • Web Rebuild: recreation of existing websites to update your current design and upgrade to today's web styles
  • Search Engine Optimization: organic or paid SEO creation to enhance your web traffic and search engine friendly URL links to make websites easier to find for your clientele
  • Content Management Systems: using mySQL databases and php scripting, your content can be easily managed and dynamically created to ease updates to your site's content
  • Database Management: customer information, inventory lists, supply chains and more can be structurally secure and easily mantained or queried using our inspired management.
  • Professional Copy Editing:  beyond simple spell-check, this service allows your company's professionalism shine with grammar, context, and thematic proofreading and copy editing.

Additional Services

  • Digitizing Services
    As more and more information becomes digital in production, what happens to old paper files?  Don't let your company's historical documents fade away into obscurity or rot in storage.  SRV Design can create PDF archives organized to your specifications for small and large scale projects.  Contact SRV Design for further information, pricing, and areas of service.
  • Want a web or print service not currently listed?
    SRV Design currently offers digital archiving for our local clients in Atlanta and Indianapolis with plans to expand to more regions in the future.  With our archiving service, we will securely backup your paper files to digitized versions that will not only improve your organization's backup process but ensure all your data (even historical) is at your fingertips.
  • Interested in package deals and maintenance rates for new or previously existing sites?
    SRV Design offers a 5-part corporate identity package for businesses just starting out or for those who need a complete overhaul of their current branding.  Brand loyalty has been a proven method for business longevity and success.  The consistency of your design is an important factor in new customer interest and customer retention.

Please contact us for answers to all of your questions or to submit comments.